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Things have been a little quiet on our blog for the past couple of weeks. That's usually a sign things are not quiet in our offline existence - and this has certainly been no exception to that rule. April has, thus far, consisted of scaling the steep learning curve of handling a DSLR for the first time, racking up the road miles around Bosnia and Herzegovina and hours of editing video footage. Tomorrow Novi Most, the UK-based charity we volunteer for, will begin releasing the first of the new photos and videos I have been working on. Whether you're a fan of Facebook , Twitter , YouTube or good old-fashioned websites you'll be able to get a fresh insight into the important work Novi Most is engaged in.  My hope is these new videos, images and editorial help increase people's understanding of the issues young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina grow up facing. Until tomorrow, here's a teaser...

Don't go chasing waterfalls!

We've been hearing reports of heavy rainfalls and flooding from around the country. In Jajce we've had rain but have to feel we've escaped lightly. However, today the Pliva was running high through town, turning the weirs into wild white water. By the time the river rushed over the waterfall things were crazy indeed. This view is always dramatic, always worth a photo. Today video was the only way to do it justice.

Castle in the snow

Today, as if we were being treated to some meteorological April Fool, we woke to a fresh fall of snow. A trip up to the castle on top of the town was already planned so it was a good opportunity to grab the camera and capture the town looking moody. By early evening we had beautiful spring sunshine; we were out at the lakes by then and they were looking lovely. However the camera stayed in its bag, so this April 1st will go down on (video) record as a gray and snowy one.