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That was the last time...

Time is flying by and 'that was the last time...' is finding itself a well-worn phrase. Last night was the last time we'd attend a youth meeting at Kingdom Faith Church. For me this draws to a close 15 years of involvement in the youth work. I was at the very first youth meeting and haven't missed many in the last decade and a half! To mark the occassion I made good on a throw-away comment and condensed all the wisdom I've gathered over that time into a three-minute online video. My parting gift, as it were, is The Way It Seems To Me...enjoy!

Suddenly I understand!

I write songs, I might go so far as to call myself a song writer. It is perhaps surprising, then, that I am so poor at picking up the lyrics of other people's music. Getting new music is a passion and Rowan has to put up with repeated over-playing of my latest albums. Occasionally, she'll pass an opinion or ask that I stop playing a particular CD. Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends got a mixture of the two the other day, still less than a week after its release! Coldplay 's latest album had, to be fair, been experiencing serious back-to-back outings. In the course of this discussion Rowan asked for an explanation of the title, which does seem a little long and sprawling. I couldn't give one. But last night it came to me. I was walking to a rehearsal listening to the final track on my iPod. Suddenly I heard the lyrics: "No, I don't want to battle from beginning to end, I don't want a cycle of recycled revenge, I don't want to follow death and all