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So much left unsaid!

Don't you hate it when people tell you what they would have done? Like that infuriating: 'I would tell you a story but I haven't the time'. So I'll attempt to avoid that mistake by presenting a very short summary of our four days at Novi Most HQ. Over an intense four days we had a bundle of laughs (and a few secret tears!) as we explored the issues of cross-cultural work. Naturally I could elaborate and maybe I'll return to some of the topics covered at a later date. But for now the focus is firmly on packing down and clearly out. Yesterday Rowan almost dislocated her shoulders carrying bags of unwanted clothes and shoes to a charity shop! At the same time we were taking advantage of a Staples offer to buy more storage boxes for that which must be left behind but we don't want to dispose of. This process has yet to prove too painfully emotional; perhaps we had a lot more junk than we bargained on. Still by the end of the week we'll be boxing stuff up in

A month today...

A month today we'll arrive in Mostar. In the words of Europe: it's the final countdown ! So how are our plans progressing? Well, our house is rented and our car will be advertised for sale online from tonight. We are at NoviMost HQ next week for trainnig and orientation and then the packing begins in earnest! Having not done this before it's hard to know if we're on target or not, however we're not panicing so that must be a good thing! In other, not entirely unrelated, news I joined a new video social networking site the other day. Vloggerheads is still in an 'invite-only' stage of development but it seem I have friends online! I made a video introducing myself and talked about our move. Within hours someone had repsonded with a video asking if we were being salaried, or how we were being supported. This provided the opportunity to make a very un-English video about asking for money - including mentioning the PayPal button on our Facebook profiles . Anothe

Faith - My Last Move

The video pretty much tells the story. Faith Camp is Kingdom Faith's annual family camp; the Move is the youth work there, and has been for the last 15 years. I've worked every one of those years. But for the forseeable future this summer instituation will no longer be part of my life. Cue tears!