That was the last time...

Time is flying by and 'that was the last time...' is finding itself a well-worn phrase. Last night was the last time we'd attend a youth meeting at Kingdom Faith Church. For me this draws to a close 15 years of involvement in the youth work. I was at the very first youth meeting and haven't missed many in the last decade and a half! To mark the occassion I made good on a throw-away comment and condensed all the wisdom I've gathered over that time into a three-minute online video. My parting gift, as it were, is The Way It Seems To Me...enjoy!


Hi Matt and Rowan,
We are also moving out to Bosnia - should get there the beginning of August, although we'll be in Tuzla rather than Mostar. It would be great to be in touch with other people moving to Bosnia to discuss the pros, cons, excitements and trepidations of moving to Bosnia.

If you are interested I've recently started a blog about our move -

Good luck with your move and enjoy the Sliva in September.

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