Where's winter?!

Today is FIS World Snow Day. Last year we were out on a very patchy piste making the most of some less than ideal conditions at the slope above Jajce. This year there isn't a ski lift working in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina! You can't even say it's been a bad winter, it's barely been winter at all. There was a snow fall in November. A few resorts got enough of a base to open up for a week or two. We managed a trip to Vlašić on 21st December, the day before World Snowboard Day. It was squeezed into a really busy period of work but the decision to head for the hills when we did looks better and better the longer winter waits to put in a proper appearance.

Since the New Year the forecast has been promising snow 'next week'. It's well known that tomorrow never comes; next week has been showing even less intention to turn up. Locals tells us tales of a town virtually besieged by snow during their childhood winters. Even allowing for a little exaggeration, things are much different now. The climate has changed, whether you choose to blame climate change or not. The one bit of good news in all this is our solitary snowboard trip has established we haven't forgotten what we learned last year. Winter is once again being promised by the weekend. If it arrives we may yet get the chance to enjoy our newfound slope skills.


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