Matt and Rowan have been self-supporting volunteer workers with Novi Most International since 2008.

Matt and Rowan and local workers.
Novi Most is a Christian charitable organisation that works with young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina; to equip them to enter their futures with hope and confidence; and empower them to become instruments of transformation in their communities. It has been working in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1994, developing into a youth work charity from its origins in delivering humanitarian aid and working with refugees. Today it operates in two locations, Mostar and Capljina, with Matt and Rowan heading up a team due to begin working on a third location, Jajce, in autumn 2010. The team in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a mixture of self-supporting international volunteers and salaried local workers.

While the work of Novi Most is currently overseen from its UK head office, Novi Most has a long-term strategy to become a locally-based, locally-led organisation. It recognises there is still a lot of work needed to make this a reality but believes this is the best way to provide an example of sustainable and culturally-relevent youth work in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Novi Most website has more informational about the specific projects it is involved in. It also provides the opportunity to support the ongoing work of Novi Most.

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