Am I really doing this?

There are two inspirations for this post. The first was a chance encounter in our local Sainsbury’s with a friend with questions. Essentially her question was 'are you really going to go?' I replied in the affirmative which she countered with 'I just can't imagine it!' To be fair, six months ago I couldn't have imagined that we'd be doing what we're doing now. Although perhaps Rowan could!

The second inspiration is the lunch I had with another friend yesterday. She's someone who has long taken me to task, probably with some justification, for what she perceived as my shallow western consumeristic outlook on like. I distinctly remember the late night argument in which she and another friend really battered me on the subject. 'Have you actually ever seen poverty?' Although these things are always relative back then the answer was basically no. That has changed.

There will be challenges ahead. I know that. I also know I need that. It is too easy to be too comfortable. We lose our edge and become complacent. And while an easy life is attractive in the short-term it fails to deliver long-term satisfaction or lasting benefit to anyone. So, yes, we really are doing this because life is more important than the latest pair of trainers.


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