The driving post

I have three chances to drive in Bosnia Herzegovina. The first was to bump start Novi Most's old Toyota combi. The second: bump starting the combi again! The third, however, was the chance to drive through snowy mountains in a Toyota that didn't seem to have any mechanical faults. I've never struggled to adjust to driving on the 'other side', whether it's been in a left- or right-hand drive vehicle.

But we've seen Mostar's tiny streets and its twisting mountain roads. If we're to have a car when we move it'll be left-hand drive. Rowan wants it's to be small and I don't blame her. She's not yet had the chance to drive on the right so that's a new experience that's awaiting her. We're currently driving a new Mini Clubman, which is nice although not perhaps as iconic as the yellow Mini One we had before it!

Every other car in BiH seems to be a VW Golf. You can see the complete history of the model in a matter of minutes on Sarajevo's main streets. But it was another vehicle that caught my imagination. You can ask why, although I'm not totally sure of the answer! However, finding this hilarious image online my have had something to do with it...

I want that one!

Maybe...just maybe!


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