Less than half finished!

This morning I was beaten by the weather. Rowan is anxious that we attend to the decking at the back of our house. She left the house announcing that 'it will be sunny and cloudy' today, which was code for 'I expect you to have stained the decking by the time I get back'! I was a little surprised seeing as only yesterday we'd had a conversation about the weather forecast being rain all week - and you can't stain decking in the rain. I was a third of the way through the first coat when I felt the first drops of rain. I know when to quit!

It was back to the Bosnian - the faithful flash-card programme on my laptop. It is going in, albeit a little slowly. A recap of what I've covered the last couple of weeks was encouraging although I know I need to keep up the speaking part. Rowan has plans for us to make videos of the role plays in one of the books we're studying from. That's sure to give you some amusement, whether you understand the language or not!


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