Things I haven't done...

This morning's big omission is this: I haven't discovered if there's a way to upload a pdf to our Facebook group. Rowan has been asking that I sort this out for over a week. This morning was to be the morning. I won't waste space recounting my excuses here; instead I'll explain why my undone task is so important!

As international workers with Novi Most we are responsible for raising our own financial support. This is a new experience for us. While we're well adjusted to living on modest salaries we've never been in a position where neither of us has a fixed income before. That's where the pdf comes in. Novi Most have provided us with a standing order form we can make available to anyone who is interested in supporting us regularly.

Obviously if we come have it sitting somewhere where it could be accessed discretely we could avoid that whole English embarrassment about talking about money! So I will do my best to fulfil Rowan's request. However, if you're reading this and think you'd like to help and you’re not afraid to ask for a form that you maybe subsequently forget to fill in then do email! We set up as the place for all our correspondence about moving. We'll happily send you the pdf.

And if anyone knows the answer and having a link to a pdf from a Facebook group do let me know!


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