We're back!

Sorry to anyone who's clicked to come here in the last couple of days and hasn't been allowed in. (Thanks to Meg for the tip off!) We got locked down by a robot-generated spam accusation! In our haste to get everything up and running with our WeDoAdventure communications launch I registered this blog but didn't post anything. You good people were clicking the links put up on YouTube and Facebook but because we'd not provided anything to see the machine went on high alert. It won't happen again.

Big news this week is the arrival of 'Teach Yourself Croatian'. As I type Rowan is sitting opposite holding the book and listening intently to the voices on her iPod - or she could be asleep, I can't quite tell! I need to get a grip on language learning. Monday morning is going to be my main time, at least that's what I keep saying. I'll let you know how I get on.


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