Meet the parents!

Last night Rowan and I drove to Chesham to here Claire Gingell and Dalibor Kojic speak about young people, church, and Bosnia Herzegovina. Claire is now Novi Most's longest serving worker in Mostar and Dalibor is Pastor of Brankovac Evangelical Church in East Mostar.

The evening had many memorable moments but one of the funnier was when Dalibor was explaining their values. He told how he had inherited a church with a vision statement but had always struggled with its wording until one day he realsised that Jesus gave us the Great Commission - that is the vision. His refreshingly straight-forward approach seemed to challenge our desire to hide behind cool slogans: "I don't need church for the 21st century!" We had to smile.

It was great to catch up with Gill again, and to get the chance to introduce our parents to Novi Most. And so the countdown continues. It's less than four months until we move. I must get back learning vocab!


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