It's time to sieze the opportunity

We have a leaving date - 8th September, if you're asking! - and that does funny things to you. It's a cut off, a full stop. It means that for somethings if they don't happen by then they won't happen. Explaining what exactly is going on in my head isn't that easy: I want to go but there is a huge cost to leaving some things behind. All of this means I'm leaving with a heightened sense of 'carpe diem'.

And so last night we were in London, listening to Christine Caine speak at Hillsong church, before taking in the delights of The Cans Festival in Leake Street. Christine's message couldn't have been more suited to our situation. She spoke about starting A21 because she saw a need, and of the continuous cost of choosing to step up into the next thing God puts in front of you. She spoke of long hours of unseen, unrecognised work and the character it builds. It was encouraging and inspiring.

But from one of the UK's most forward looking church we wound our way to a tunnel under Waterloo Station where Banksy - the UK's leading proponant of stencil art - and organised a stencil art street battle. The walls were plastered in polically-charged, stencilled social comment; the floor strewn with customised furniture and car-crash-as-art installations! There, opposite a piece of Banksy own art was a piano bearing the sign 'play me'. So I did. Next to a piece that morphed the Pope pronouncing a blessing with Monroe's classic dress-caught-in-an-updraft legs I played. More than one piece screamed 'religion kills'. Indeed in does. But I played for a God who is life.


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