My time for letting go

As a songwriter I've always held to the rule that you should never chuck any lyric ideas away. I got very irritated with someone who once scribbled over some ideas in one of my notebooks to the point they were indecipherable. Even if lyrics are discarded from one composition they may find a home in another. And if they are completely rubbish they remain as an encouragement of how far my craft has developed!

Moving means chucking away and so it was during Saturday's populating of bin bags with trinkets of old that I discovered a scrap of paper from the note block that sits by the home phone. I can't remember writing the lines on it but they're definitely my scrawl. I could have penned them now so here they are...lyrics from a song I never wrote!

I wanna hold everything forever
Don't wanna choose what to let go
But I can't put my hands up and still hold
Everything forever
Surrender is my time for letting go


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