Two months today...

Two months today we'll be driving across Europe with all our most important possessions packed in the back of a van. It's a funny thought. There's still something slightly unreal about it. Perhaps it won't dawn on us until the morning we leave, perhaps it won't hit home until we walk into our new accommodation in Mostar. I have so little experience of moving it's really hard to predict.

I was telling a friend today that part of me would like to fast forward from now until then - skipping the whole, undoubtedly painful, process in-between. But it doesn't work like that. And nor should it. The leaving and grieving is important. So far it's not been outwardly emotional, or at least not in a sobbing kind of way. (Doubtless that'll come!) But locking the door on our church youth event on Saturday night was strange. It's been one of the centre points of almost every weekend for the last five and a half years. It's over now. That the event won't outlive us only makes it more poignant. For some people that will really leave a hole. We can't deny the holes hurt.

Still, I'll drag this back from the brink and end with this video clip just uploaded on our WeDoAdventure YouTube channel. It's short and sweet and shows me smiling - enjoy!


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