Unprecedented shopping!

As weather goes England is pretty bland, certainly in the part of south-east England we live in. Sure today is almost the middle of July and it was pouring with rain, but the temperature climbed to the modest low-twenties and life went on as normal. Having lived so long in the climatically average environment our wardrobe is a little short of clothes suited to extremes. Bosnia Herzegovina has both of them. Long, hot summers of the like we've never experienced before and winters that actually get cold, with winds that blow right through you.

So we knew we had to shop. That is no great hardship, although faced with so many gaps to be filled we could see the potential for a account-emptying day out. But we're never ones to be beaten when it comes to hunting down bargains. Thanks to a tip off from friends we started the day in a fashion outlet park, from there taking in a couple of TK Maxx's and a Decathlon.

We still spent some money, but a faction of the RRP value of what came home with us. I won, scoring over £500 worth of merchandise for just over £130! Split over 15 items, including two pairs of decent footwear, a couple of technical garments and a tracksuit, that makes and average per item of £8.89. (Rowan's average item price was a similarly impressive £11.80.) So today was a good day. All we have to do now is find new homes for our old shoes and clothes that won't be making the trip!


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