The video I didn't make!

So there are two parts to this...

Part 1: In which Matthew stays up late to wrestle with Moviemaker. Loses!

It's true it wasn't an epic late night, but neither did I get a result. I'm trying to make a short video for a Novi Most fundraiser we're doing at the Move, the youth venue at Kingdom Faith's Faith 08 event starting next weekend. The Move does a fundraiser every year, donating the money raised to project around the world. This year it will go towards a new 'combi' van for the Novi Most team in Mostar. The video will get made. It's just the camcorder is refusing to talk nicely to any of three differnt PCs I've introduced it to!

Part 2: In which Matthew fails to find the guts to ask the nurse something!

Rowan dared me to ask if I could YouTube my injections this afternoon. They were in the upper arm so it would have been decent but despite the nurse being friendly enough I didn't sieze the opportunity. I did make a video explaining this, but that's not the same I know. But we should all be pleased to know Rowan and I are now pretty much sorted when it comes to protections from poisons...or something!


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