A month today...

A month today we'll arrive in Mostar. In the words of Europe: it's the final countdown! So how are our plans progressing? Well, our house is rented and our car will be advertised for sale online from tonight. We are at NoviMost HQ next week for trainnig and orientation and then the packing begins in earnest! Having not done this before it's hard to know if we're on target or not, however we're not panicing so that must be a good thing!

In other, not entirely unrelated, news I joined a new video social networking site the other day. Vloggerheads is still in an 'invite-only' stage of development but it seem I have friends online! I made a video introducing myself and talked about our move. Within hours someone had repsonded with a video asking if we were being salaried, or how we were being supported. This provided the opportunity to make a very un-English video about asking for money - including mentioning the PayPal button on our Facebook profiles. Another friend watching from the States commented and then went over and pushed the botton!

Support is coming together but we're still short of our monthly target. Maybe you're reading this and you've taken information about our move with every intention for filling in a standing order form but it just hasn't happened yet. I totally understand. (Rowan is forever reminding me to attend to form unfilled or phone calls unmade!) However, let this be a gentle reminder that there's no time like the present!


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