So much left unsaid!

Don't you hate it when people tell you what they would have done? Like that infuriating: 'I would tell you a story but I haven't the time'. So I'll attempt to avoid that mistake by presenting a very short summary of our four days at Novi Most HQ. Over an intense four days we had a bundle of laughs (and a few secret tears!) as we explored the issues of cross-cultural work. Naturally I could elaborate and maybe I'll return to some of the topics covered at a later date.

But for now the focus is firmly on packing down and clearly out. Yesterday Rowan almost dislocated her shoulders carrying bags of unwanted clothes and shoes to a charity shop! At the same time we were taking advantage of a Staples offer to buy more storage boxes for that which must be left behind but we don't want to dispose of. This process has yet to prove too painfully emotional; perhaps we had a lot more junk than we bargained on. Still by the end of the week we'll be boxing stuff up in earnest and maybe I'll feel different then.

Oh, and the big news: we sold our car! It didn't happen the way I'd have liked it to but is done now. In the credit-crunch climate it was never going to be the best moment to offload a relatively expensive vehicle, especially against the clock. The lessons learned: behind all the cool gloss of customer-friendly packaging these people are not your friends. That and second-hand car salesmen have a reputation for a reason!


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