And finally...

Finally I get to type a post from Mostar! This week has been a wild ride through Europe but we have arrived. There is a fine story to be told about our adventures but it'll take a day or two to let the dust settle and construct a coherent narrative. For now it is enough to say things did not go as expected, although in no way does that mean they went badly. And it was certainly not boring!

We have brought the rain with us, which is a mixed blessing. We don't have to attempt sleep in choking heat but we do have to negotiate the lakes and rivers that pass for streets. When the clouds roll in he whole city disappears under a grey blanket. As our temporary accommodation is halfway up the east side we get a good view of this. We'll also get fit climbing the stairs that lead up there from town.

We've already been asked several times what it feels like to have arrived. I don't think either of us has a particularly good answer to that. It is nice to arrive (isn't nice such a horrible word?) but the full impact of leaving had yet to hit. I guess we're still in travel limbo, a state of suspended animation! Perhaps we're just too tired to feel much or think straight. I'm sure we'll be back with something more intelligent in a day or two.


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