Be careful what you call things!

WeDoAdventure is what we've called this blog, our YouTube channel and our Facebook group. We'll, we're doing adventure as we travel across Europe. Tonight we were supposed to be in Mostar, unpacking boxes in our new apartment. I'm actually sitting in an Austrian guest house trying to recover from the fact England have just thrashed Croatia in their World Cup qualifier in Zagreb! (We'll be in Zagreb tomorrow.)

So the moral of the story is be careful what you call things. My question is: do I really want adventure? I think the answer is 'yes' - I don't have much option right now! But either way the last 48 hours have highlighted how is easy it is to live an unadenturous life (and I've been guilty of that) and how easy it is to make choices that invite adventure.

There's a tale to tell from our travels, but that will be editted later. Until then enjoy this short vlog from somewhere near the PEZ factory!


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