Get out!

So today is the day we're gonna try to move everything out of our house - certainly everything we're taking with us. That should be fun! The light at the end of the tunnel is the promise of being taken out to dinner tonight. However that's also an immovable bookend to the day that means procrastination is no longer an option!

But before I dash off to pack yet more boxes and ferry them over to my parent's house I want to say thanks to everyone who turned out for our leaving party on Saturday. It was a great afternoon and evening. (Below is a short video my brother made to commemorate the occasion.) Thanks also to everyone who gave us cards and gifts. It seems rude to single one out for a special mention but I think you'll understand why.

A handmade card from Joshua (6, I think!) read:

"I hope you have a nice long holiday is bosneeu hertergoveener"

As perfect as it is priceless!


I would like to take credit for the 'Procrastination is no longer and option' quote :)

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