Not theologically sound!

It was during his show-stopping performance at Live8 that Robbie Williams suggested the crowd 'get out their hymnbooks' to sing-a-long as he introduced perhaps the finest song he ever co-wrote! You know how it goes: I sit and wait, as an angel contemplates my fate. That, as untheological as it sounds, is what it feels like today. Ben made a sharp intake of breath when I mentioned the Robbie lyrics but all three of us are sitting in the living room waiting.

Sure there are books to read and language to learn, and, yes, that is all happening. But for all of us long-term accomodation is the thing that will help the feeling of getting settled. But it seems this is largely beyond our control, partly due to our inability to communicate in local language and partly due to the fact call them realtors, letting agencies or estate agents they don't seem to exist here, or at least no-one we've talked to uses them. House hunting happens through the papers and the news this morning is that everything in this week's paper has gone already!

And so, with the aforementioned classic freshly, and legally, downloaded from iTunes I shall settle back in the sofa and savour the moment!


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