Paparazzi shoot van surfing primate!

Rowan spotted it. The van was stopped at lights as we crossed the road. We both reached for our cameras. The lights changed as we hit the pavement, but not before Rowan managed one paparazzi-style snap. And then we stood wondering if we'd really seen what we'd just seen.

What this grainy evidence shows is an as yet not formally identified primate. A cursory glance at Google Images indicates it could be some kind of baboon, although monkey (in the generic sense) paints a clearer picture. The white Mercedes van in question was a mobile advert for a circus, carrying two questionable looking characters and the unidentified mammal chained to the roof! While our furry friend did not seem overly annoyed at his airy advertising role we were slightly surprised. His high-profile position would generate no positive publicity back in the UK.


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