The way to a man's heart...

We all know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. We also know that if a man's heart is not in something he's very unlikely to motivate himself in regard to that thing. Today these two thoughts collided in my life in the most unsavoury of ways.

But first the back story, given mainly because I was recently mocked by a friend for always giving the most elaborate back stories before telling the simplest of anecdotes! The back story is that I have long lectured Rowan on the biblical injunction to eat what is set before you. While I don't claim to be exactly excited by this instruction I do believe it to be important, particularly in a cross-cultural context. I always do my best to abide by it.

Fast forward to lunchtime today: we're sitting outside a pizza restaurant, almost overlooking the Neretva. The A5 piece of bright yellow photocopied paper that was the menu was safely secured against the breeze under the heavy glass ash-tray. Rowan scanned the menu for something she recognised and ordered a four-cheeses pizza. I decided to opt for the more intuitive approach and ordered 'SRDELA' (toppings: kečap, sir, srdela slana, majoneza, origano, masline.) Why? Just because it felt like the right option.

So if you haven't already copied all that lot into Google let me enlighten you. I inadvertently ordered a salted sardine pizza! Yes, it was disgusting, at least to my taste, but, yes, I ate what was set before me. And then I came home to learn pizza toppings so as to never repeat this error. Heart motivation is indeed stomach activated.


Anonymous said…
Empathise. We were in Barcelona and ordered the four cheese pizza, as it happens, only to discover that one of the four was a blue cheese! Disgusting and memorable. Like the cold beef sandwich I ordered in S.A. that threatened to be death by fire, until I removed the top slice of bread and wiped the yellow mustard, completely smothering the beef, off with my napkin. Thus it was edible, sort of.

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