We smell!

Rowan was only commenting earlier today on how well we had done to avoid the smell of smoke. She spoke too soon. Tonight we went out to meet some friends and ended up having coffee in a room where the smoke hung thick and blue, punctuated by blasts of fresh air only when a new customer opened the door. Such an environment would now be unthinkable in a nanny state bossed by Brussels but Bosnia Herzegovina is beyond the legislative reach of that particular breed of beaurocrat.

So we smell. A few years back you could have sat in the non-smoking section of a restaurant in the UK and come home smelling the same. (Most non-smoking sections were a painfully futile exercise - remember?) Had we moved here back then we'd probably not have noticed. But leaving a smoke-free England makes the contrast particularly marked. We're told there is a general fear of drafts so as winter sets in we will have to acclimatise quickly. Here's to stuffy, smoky, social outings!


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