About that extra mile you mentioned...

‘You’ve worked in media for too long, that was a proper slogan!’ screamed my correspondent in a recent email. I’d written about something I was hoping to see happen here and had obviously got a little carried away in the way I worded it. I like words, I enjoy playing with them. Used correctly words convey so much more than just the sentence they construct. One of the challenges of being here is not yet being fluent in the local language. I can construct simple sentences but they convey nothing more than the simple thought they contain.

But you can never escape the English language. Today I was walking past the Hotel Bristol when I suddenly noticed the writing across the top of the t-shirt on the bloke coming towards me: Go the extra mile, there’s always space ahead. Perhaps not the greatest phrasing but certainly a fantastic thought. If you’re prepared to go beyond the norm, beyond what most others are prepared to do, you are going to find the room to expand, space to express something new. There’s cost in that. Breaking new ground is rarely easy but nothing is more rewarding.


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