Beautiful Symmetry - starting where I left off!

Over the last couple of years I've played at a low-key event called Hub:live. All of those appearances were backing other singers as they meandered their way through stripped-back acoustic version of their songs, either behind a keyboard or on acoustic guitar. However, at my last Hub:live I was afforded the opportunity to play and sing a couple of my own songs. I closed the night with a song that is probably my trademark in the eyes of the artists I've played for. Beautiful Symmetry has one of the better choruses I've written - if I do say so myself!

Though the day is a mystery
At the tail end of history
Every bridge has been burned
At your promised return
No unfinished symphony
Just a beautiful symmetry
When I see who you are

I wasn't planning to jump up on stage so soon after arriving but in a bulk-out-the-numbers moment I ended up taking part in a talent show at the youth conference in Sarajevo this weekend. I didn't win - obviously, that wasn't going to happen! - but we all know it's about the taking part. It was great to see everyone who was involved and for me it was fun to start where I'd left off in England. And who knows where we go from here?


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