Blowing a fuse...or not!

We visited Mostar in March this year. It was our reconnaissance trip. A time to see things and meet people we'd being working with. We also took the time to assess the shopping situation, noting what we saw stacked on the shelves of supermarkets. However, it was a causal comment that really stuck with Rowan. A Novi Most member mentioned her washing was still damp after five days hanging out to dry. Suddenly 'tumble drier' was indelibly written at the top of Rowan's must-take list. As our drier was old (read dispensable) we figured there was nothing to lose by putting it on the van.

Now we find we've rented an apartment that has a drier. This is a rare but welcome circumstance. Our spare appliance quickly acquired an eager new owner. So before it spun its last spin for us I thought I should replace it's trusty three-pin plug with a local two pin version. Plugs here can go in the socket either way up. They have an earth connector on both sides. That's strange enough to my English electrical sensibilities. What's harder to comprehend is that there's no fuse. I just wish I'd listened harder at school so I could actually remember what the safety implications of this are!


Good to get a drier. It has always struck me as so unfair that in the summer you can put load after load out to dry on the line and it dries it minutes. But in winter - when you wear so many more clothes with so much more washing it can take days to get them dry. I envy you your drier!
Anonymous said…
I envy you your drier as well...I'm learning that chairs, balcony railings, and bedposts are poor substitutes. :) As for the electricity, do your outlets also shoot blue sparks when you plug things in?
WeDoAdventure said…
blue sparks? all the time!

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