Bring the noize

Tonight Klub Novi Most re-opened for the autumn. It was out first night. This was the acid test. Would we feel completely out of our depth; would we struggle to connect? The answer is, of course, no! Young people are young people and despite not understanding the banter we could communicate enough to exchange names and play games. Ligretto is a favourite here. I'd never played it but was soon up to speed, although not winning enough as I'd have liked!

So why the title? Well, it was noisy; youth clubs always are. But during the entertainment section it got really noisy. The floor was covered in pieces of A4 paper with a letter of the alphabet on it. On the count 'tri, četiri, sada' the young people had to rush across the room pick up a piece of paper and be the first to reach the staff member on the far side, shouting a word starting with the letter on the paper. Their eagerness necessitated the cry 'uz za zid, ziiid...ziiiiiiiiid!' (The i's are pronounced like English e's.) There you have it: the noize, with lots of zeds! It waz lotz of fun.


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