But I thought that we'd given that up?

We went for coffee with a couple of new friends from the United World College in Mostar today. I mention this for two reasons. First, because this only happened because one of them saw this blog and sent us an email. I thought I should mark that occasion as a tribute to this technology. The second reason is they passed on an interesting analogy they'd been told that I'll take the liberty of retelling here!

United World College draws students from around the world, 200 in all from about 35 nations. Many of these find life in Bosnia Herzegovina very different from the country they've come from. One of our new friends was told by a student in the year above her that Mostar was like a cigarette. You don't like it the first time, but the more you have you become addicted!

That made me smile, partly because the amount of smoking that goes on here is one of the noticeable things we've had to adjust to, and partly because it made me think about just how we feel about being here. I remember arriving in Mostar for the first time. It was by train from Sarajevo, late on a March Sunday evening. I don't really remember my reaction; I don't know if I really knew what to expect. That was just seven short months ago. Now we're here; this is where life happens for us. I guess it is early days to say if we're 'addicted', but if I find we are I'll be sure to let you know!


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