Getting it wrong!

One thing I'm learning, or perhaps not learning well enough, is to steer clear of categorical statements when it comes to life in Bosnia Herzegovina. Matters political, historical and even geographical are best broached as broad questions on the understanding that unexpected or contradictory answers are likely. Much depends on who you talk to. Retelling these conversations should be done with care.

Hence the title of this post. For today it is after contacting a 'realtor, letting agency or estate agent' that we appear to have found ourselves an apartment! I leave that statement broad and slightly inconclusive as a testament to my learning. We cannot move in immediately, the landlord needs to prepare one or two things first, so we have to wait about three weeks. They do say you shouldn't count your chickens! Other than the wait the apartment is all good news. A nice size and a great location: I've never lived next door to a prison before!

In other 'getting it wrong' news I was making such a mess of speaking in our language lesson yesterday that Rowan and our teacher were in hysterics. This was perhaps not the most encouraging moment of the whole learning experience but I guess it's some kind of payback for the times I've smiled (or worse) at people mishandling the English language.


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