Getting married over here!

Don't panic, this is not post announcing a Facebook-style change in our relationship status! It is a post that will attempt to create a picture that we've seen here a couple of time now; a cultural observation on local wedding celebrations.

Earlier today on the west side of town we emerged from a grilled chicken joint - a cheap and cheerful place with very good chicken - to see a convoy of cars careering around the corner. It was a wedding procession. Let me outline the tell-tale signs.

Horns are being honked not just repeatedly but unceasingly by all vehicles involved.

Many cars will be sporting streamers and bows, particularly on their wing mirrors.

At least one car will have an occupant waving a huge Croatian flag.

Today however this procession took it one stage further. The passengers in the first four cars all had their windows down and were sitting on the doors, shouting, drinking and generally having a good time of it. I've never tried travelling like that but I imagine it not exactly the easiest manoeuvre to execute, particularly not in wedding finery. Still, it put a smile on our faces so we wish them all the best!


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