Jack and Jill went up a hill...for the last time!

Ok, so the title should read 'Matt and Rowan' but 'Jack and Jill' are more famous for their hill Rowan is hugely relieved that as of tomorrow we will be living on a flat road in a flat part of town. She's said more than once that she thought that walking up the steps and slopes to the place we've been living should have got easier over time. In her opinion it hasn't. It is fair to say it's good for the legs. I've appreciated it, as I've yet to find anywhere that seems sociably acceptable or safe enough to run. The safety issue centres around the quality of the running service rather than the vibe of the neighbourhoods.

Tomorrow the two Novi Most combis in Mostar will share our stuff between them as we descend for the last time. (Obviously, not really for the last time!) I will miss the view. That's all the more reason to get my bike up and running. It's been fantastic to get up in the morning and look out over the city. The light here is amazing, particularly first thing in the morning or just as the sun's going down. There are mountains and the Neretva meanders, or surges, its way through the centre of town, depending on how much water they've released at the dam upstream. I like to stop and stare at the deep green-blue water, even if just for a moment, when we cross over the river. But I'm waffling now, but I think you can tell we like it here...even if there are hills to climb!


Sam M said…
Hope the place works out for you both!

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