Oh why, oh why...?

We wandered into a cafe late tonight; probably the nicest place we've had a drink in Mostar. However what caught my attention was the tune being piped at a discrete volume into the refined atmosphere.

'Sun is in the sky, oh why oh why, would I wanna be anywhere else?'

So why did a Lily Allen catch my attention? Two reasons. First, it's only by being out of the country that you realise what it means to say pop music is one of Britain's biggest exports. Tunes by bands that used to be just down the road from us pop up in the weirdest of places and I don't know if I totally approve!

The second reason is it reminded me of lunch today when Rowan and I sat outside a restaurant in the Stari Grad. The sun was high is the sky. A bright blue sky with just the slightest hint of wispy white clouds at its edges. Legions of French tourists poured past taking in the sites, while a small group of Germans got to grips with some ćevapi on the tables next to us. It was warm - hot, if we're honest - and a very pleasant way to prepare for an afternoon of language study.


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