The one in which one admits one's pretence!

On the day that the Queen visited Google's London office I thought it appropriate to come clean about our use of the 'royal we'! Those who know us well will doubtless have deduced that it is the Matt part of Matt & Rowan that keeps bashing in entries to this blog. As almost everything we've done here we've done together I (Matt) feel comfortable speaking for us. However, today Rowan took a trip I didn't so I have persuaded her to say a few words that are genuinely her own about it.

"We went to play games with Roma kids who live behind a supermarket on a rubbish dump. They were very friendly and affectionate and wanted to ask me lots of questions. It was a bit frustrating cos I couldn't understand everything they were saying and even when I could understand I didn't always know how to reply.

They were very dirty - especially their hands and feet. One girl decided she was hot and wanted to swim in the river so she found a piece of glass on the ground and used it to cut her trousers into shorts - it didn't work too well and her shorts looked pretty crazy when she'd finished but she seemed pleased with the result.

There is a lot of rubbish everywhere and some of the people who live there sort through it as their job. There are a lot of bottles and old cars and washing machines and stuff. Some people live in concrete buildings and some in other home made looking buildings."


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