The same age as who?!

People have different ways of coping with getting old. In Lost In Translation, a young Scarlett Johansson asks an aging Bill Murray ‘have you bought a Porsche yet?’ Some people must dye their hair, some just live in denial. I’m not old but I am getting older. It’s more obvious when you work with young people. They’re always teenagers, while you are always aging! Although I’ve been mistaken for being eighteen a couple of times recently I know the truth. When I turned 33 I joked with a few people that I was now the same age as Jesus. In a strange way it was a reassuring coming of age until someone kindly pointed out that was the age that he died!

Well, barring any grave misfortune in the next couple of hours I will have moved on a year without being Christ-like in that respect. Well almost. My thirty-third year has seen my most dramatic life change certainly since getting married, probably since I made the decision to work for a church after leaving college. I know it’s nothing on Jesus’ obedience to go to the Cross so please don’t go scribbling “You‘re a heretic” in my birthday card. However, this isn’t the first time that I’ve pondered a death and resurrection analogy in an attempt to describe what this life change feels like. Again I don’t want to claim it has been difficult. I haven’t sweated blood; I’ve barely shed tears. Perhaps this is because it was the right time and I was prepared, even if I was unaware of it. It’s probably been harder for those watching on, although at times I’ve felt a little like a spectator myself. So what of the next year? Well, I won’t be making any rash comparisons!


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