That's the way the cookie crumbles!

We welcomed our first visiting visitors to our new apartment tonight. The slightly awkward double ‘v’ is to distinguish them from our working visitors. Earlier in the day Budo, Ben and Claire helped us move our stuff down the hill. They deserve a big thank you for playing an invaluable part in what was a very smooth move. As far as I can tell nothing was lost or damaged! It was all over in a couple of hours. Perhaps it was the pent up desire of two months in boxes but we had everything we could unpack unpacked and installed in a new home before tea time. It was as we finished off our first home cooked meal in our new place that we heard someone calling our names!

Our visiting visitors, Mijra and Leah, burst through the door. Mijra ran from room to room making excited noises and say ‘oh my’ a lot. The apartment has high ceilings and is all painted white. The effect is to make an already spacious place seem even bigger. That said it is comfortably bigger than our house in England so it’s not all illusion. Mirja had decided that as we’re nearly neighbours down we could lend each other eggs and sugar. She’d tried to learn the Bosnian for egg before she went shopping but she forgot – it’s jaje – so we got a bag of sugar and the local equivalent of Kinder eggs. Leah had baked cookies. She’s American so she knows how to make cookies. We ate them, still slightly warm from the oven. And if that’s the way the cookie crumbles I for one am not complaining!


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