Back to the drawing board!

Ok, so there’s no drawing board and it’s not exactly a case of starting all over but I am jumping back into working on creative projects with both feet. The project is a puppet show to be performed in locals schools, and a few other select locations, towards the end of the year. My job, or my first job, as part of the team involved in producing it is to write and record all the music for the soundtrack. That’s tomorrow’s job, in fact – after getting my hands on the keyboard I’ll be working on. It’s not all resting on me. Others have played their part already. I have melodies and lyrics for eight short songs and a selection of other musical cues, but pulling this next bit off does rely on me getting my musical brain in gear.

I expect tomorrow to be a long day. We’re also taking delivery of a flat-packed wardrobe. This should see the final suitcases removed from our bedroom to be replaced by a genuine feeling of ‘we’ve arrived’. However, unless Rowan is feeling particularly adventurous there is every chance foe it staying in its wrapper until the beginning of next week. That would be a shame. We are so close to having a neat and tidy apartment. But then we’ve never been particularly good at maintaining that tidy house. Life just involves too many pieces of paper, although at least here we don’t get daily junk mail!


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