Facebook my wife!

Rowan came back from two hours of teaching on a rubbish dump this afternoon. She was cold. This is hardly surprising. Although we're still yet to see serious rain, or the fabled wind we've been promised, temperatures have dropped noticably over the last couple of days. Two hours outside and you're going to feel it. Even indoors you can feel the change. Our apartment doesn't have central heating, which is normal for Mostar. We have an air-conditioning unit that will blow hot air and a couple of small heaters. These do warm things up but this heat quickly disappears when you switch the heaters off. So it seems important to be wrapped up against the cold.

This presents a challenge for Rowan. She has never 'believed' in coats! It has taken some measure of arm-twisting on every occassion she's come close to buying sensible outer-ware. Today's incident can be excused to some degree; due to the dirty nature of working on rubbish dump she'd been told not to wear anything than wasn't easily washable. Neverthless, with winter upon us she'll need more than the multiple hoodies she's so fond of wearing. This is where those of you who know Rowan come in. I think she's convinced of the need to buy a 'dirty' coat but, just in case, I don't see any harm in a flurry of helpful reminders appearing on her Facebook wall!


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