Giving my synth some stick!

This post will be shamelessly devoted to the humble USB stick. The purchase that provoked this praise of data portability was not a particularly considered one. It was just an opportune, impulse buy, courtesy of a perfectly placed dump bin of discounted merchandise when we were shopping for storages boxes for our move. Today it was the brain for my synth, holding all the data for the tracks we were recording, and it was the uncomplaining go-between a Mac and a PC. It never once complained that it couldn’t work with one or the other, unlike a few humans I know!

I found myself telling someone, ‘funny that this is the most important bit of equipment here’, pointing to the little black thing sticking out from the back of the keyboard. And isn’t that always the way. The flashy-looking silver synth might get the attention because it’s new and shiny but without this quiet and unassuming accomplice it wouldn’t be able to deliver what was required. It’s too is to be attracted to the big, the bold and the brash but today let’s hear it for the little guy, be they male or female! These quiet, conscientious go-betweens are so often the ones who really keep the show on the road.

Still unconvinced? Today I packed my rucksack with all sorts of ‘bits’ – a techie collection of leads and connectors. Experience has taught that you can never have too many ‘bits’ floating around when going into an unknown audio situation. Invariably there is one connection that needs a special something to make it. Without the right ‘bit’ you’ll either have to invent and elaborate bodge or completely rethink you options. It’s unlikely people forgot big bits of equipment (unless they’re drummers!) but too many times they come unstuck with a lost little lead.

In conclusion, can I recommend you buy a USB stick because even if you never use it you might one day be the answer to some forgetful techie’s prayer. And next time you encounter someone displaying all the commendable characteristics of the aforementioned stick be sure to thank them for the good job they’re doing!


-dan'l said…
And the church sounded, "Amen!". Preach it, Brother!

Those little sticks are the lifeblood of the A/V Ministry and I'd be lost without mine.

Stick it to the Man, I say!

Ok, now I'm getting carried away.

Thanks, for a sideways wink and a nod toward a Great Enabler...


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