Cheap seats!

Just over a week ago I posted about our setting-up-home shopping trip. There was one funny incident I didn't mention. We were at an out of town furniture store hunting down an appropriately priced table and chairs. Having found what we wanted Rowan went ahead with approaching a shop assistant. She was passed onto a young women who was obviously the stores best English speaker. It was about this point Ben decided he too wanted a chair like the ones with our table. This threw the system - one table and five chairs!?

The upshot was three male staff members sitting out the front of the store puzzling how to assemble a flat packed chair in front of an audience trying to hide their no-honest-we-don't -find-this-amusing smiles. When they finished their construction the girl brought it over to our van, set in on the ground in front of us and demonstrated how it wobbled. 'It is cheap' she declared. She was right but it was still funny.

Yesterday I realised just how structurally unsound the chairs where, fortunately before a catastrophe occurred. I won't give you the detailed explanation I gave Ben but let's say a healthy dose of glue was in order. And so this morning I dismantled all four chairs, glued all the joints, packed out the loose bits and reassembled them, tightening the bolts properly in the process. They may be cheap seats - only plastic stools were cheaper! - but they're pretty and pretty comfortable too. Now they've had their inherent design flaws fixed they're probably also safe to sit on!


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