You may be familiar with this business acronym but in case the remainder of this post be lost on anyone I’ll spell it out.

Keep It Simple Stupid!

That was, in essence, what I was told tonight. My little bit of writing about Sunday’s trip to HŠK Zrinjski’s last home game of the year was covered in red pen. The problem is my desire to construct complex sentences, much like I enjoy doing in English. I was given an on-the-spot challenge. Write two or three sentences. Simple ones: subject, verb then whatever else. And so it was that in scribbling away obediently I turned in my first complete sentences that needed do correction. They’re not poetry or even great prose but they are right.

Rowan je pričala sa Mirjom
Ja sam gledao utakmicu
Volim gledati nogomet

Yes, it’s a challenge to be content in this simplicity but it’s also a good incentive to study hard!


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