Mad World vs Ordinary World

Two classic songs, but only one of them is on my iPod! I have the original and I have a collection for dance remixes, one of which is on my ‘Running’ playlist. Last night I went running. It was raining lightly as I left the apartment headed over the river and up onto the east side of town. It was dark and the street lights made the puddles glisten and gleam like black mirrors. I avoided them not just for the sake of dry feet; hidden beneath their reflective surface lay holes of indeterminable depth. The pavements were littered with cars, mostly parked although at one point one was driving along in front of me. Perhaps I’m paranoid but I swear that more than one group of girls stared and laughed as I ran by!

By the time I hit the ‘title track’ on my playlist I was heading for home. The rain was now falling heavily and I had misjudged enough puddles to have heavy trainers on my wet feet. My hair was flattened to my head, with the sticky taste of diluted hair product trickling into the corners of my mouth. As I crossed the bridge the river was hidden beneath a low-laying mist while the mountains were only discernable by the distant lights of a car picking its way down a switchback road. Traffic splashed by and I reached for my iPod to turn it up against the noise. As the guitar lick kicked in I picked up my pace for the final push but as much as I love the tune this is no ordinary world, nor do I want it to be.


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