Remember, remember...

Tonight we are not having fireworks, although, as if on cue, the longest peel of thunder has just crashed about outside while I type this sentence! Obviously, this most English of occasions passes unnoticed here, perhaps wisely so given the large Catholic community in Mostar. Those who don't fully understand should Google 'Guy Fawkes' and 'gunpowder plot' for an insight into an important part of English history. Rowan is missing fireworks, as she particularly enjoys a good display. Hopefully we'll get something at New Year to make up for it.

So back to the thunder - it's rolling noisily around the mountains. Perhaps it signals the end of summer? Obviously summer ended a long time ago for locals but I was discussing this with Ben today: it's November, yet every day has still been better than this year's August in England. He's from Wales where the temperature bar is set much lower so it's even better for him. It's raining - the cars are sloshing past under the window. We keep being told 'wait for the wind', so we're waiting! Where we live now is more sheltered than the side of the hill we were on and we don't have to walk too far to work. These are positives when discussing bad weather. Tomorrow looks like it'll be wet. Maybe soon we'll get to experience cold and windy too!


British Embassy are putting on a display in Sarajevo on Friday night. Get in touch with them if you are interested in going - they need prior warning if you are going to go - if your name isn't on the list (and you don't bring your passport) you ain't coming in! Also, there is a Rememberance Sunday service going on as well.

I missed fireworks too, although the number of bangers that are let off around here on a fairly regular basis make up for it. Not as pretty though. And where are the jacket potatoes with beans (oh miss Heinz) and cheese when you want it?

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