Shaken but not stirred!

Most nights we wake, albeit momentarily, at some unearthly hour as the garbage truck rumbles under our bedroom window. Last night we did not wake as Mostar experienced an earthquake! I am somewhat disappointed about this. We have a friend in another former communist country who was living seven or eight floors up a crumbling apartment block when a sizable earthquake struck the area she was in. She emailed me about people running down the stairs and out into the street as the building swayed sympathetically. I have no such stories to tell. I could talk about a friend who woke thinking it might be the end of the world but that is their story not mine.

Earthquakes are a lot more common here than they are in England, where noticeable ones are not common at all, or at least that’s my perception. There was one a month or so before we left England that dislodged a chimney pot or two in our town. I slept through that one too. Although the night after I had a very vivid dream about an earthquake in which I was sure I could feel the bed moving. So as I prepare to settle down to sleep tonight I wonder if my over-active imagination will kick in again to give me an action reply of last night’s entertainment. If it doesn’t I imagine I won’t have to wait that long to notice the real thing, unless of course I sleep through the next one too.


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