Turn up or turn down?

Some of our readers may be familiar with quote from the Bible that talks about lengthening tent cords and strengthening tent pegs. It comes in a section talking about new beginnings and expansion. In preparation of a new of our own I have been lengthening my guitar strap and adjusting the tuning pegs on Rowan’s bass. In truth, I’ve been adjusting the truss rod to compensate for the cold weather but that was harder to crow-bar into a biblical comparison! Our new beginning is joining the music group in the church we are attending. We’ve attended practises for a couple of weeks but this Sunday we play in our first service.

As an electric guitarist it is sometimes easy to feel self conscious in new church environment. Rock’n’roll guitar is not everyone’s cup of tea – real English or the fruit variety. I can’t remember the number of time I’ve been asked to turn down over the years. There are some funny stories best left untold, let me tell you. That said, I have also been asked to turn up on more than one occasion, and not just when playing pub gigs. Rowan hasn’t played in a band for a few years so she’s well up for some thundering bass lines. But we both know given the size of the building this is unlikely. The building here has roughly the same floor area as the stage has in the church we played in back in England!


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