Moving boxes...again!

Today we were moving boxes again. The ‘we’ doesn’t include Rowan this time. The male contingent of the Novi Most Mostar team was sent over to the local warehouse of Mission Without Borders to pick up food packages that will be distributed among people we work with over the next couple of weeks. This provided another insight into the sharp end of humanitarian aid. It’s easy to feel detached standing in a warehouse piled high with identical-looking boxes. It’s much harder to remain so when you see locals collecting parcels that so obviously will make a massive difference in their live, albeit perhaps only for the lifespan of their contents.

I’m sure at some point down the road I’ll have the perspective to draw all the thoughts flying round my head into a logical form. For now, it’s too early for that – and I’m typing too late at night to risk anything too profound! And so with that fairly feeble get-out I’ll draw this post to a close. Doubtless this is a topic that will be revisited – probably just after the next time we start shifting boxes again.


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