Slippers - a tribute!

I’d love to write a rant here but I can’t. I‘d love to because it would be funny and amuse at least some of the English element of the audience. But there are two good reasons I can’t. One is it would be profoundly culturally insensitive. Secondly, it would be hugely hypocritical.

My would-be subject is slippers! Yes – fluffy footwear. I’ve visited several kindergartens over the last couple of days and seen a startling array of slip ons. I would love to claim this was a case of disturbing indoctrination but I too have joined their ranks.

In England I eschewed anything to do with slippers. How horribly old-man they are was my logic. However, in a town without central heating and where wall to wall carpets are unheard of they are, in my opinion, one of life’s essentials. Rowan would disagree but this is my post so let’s hear it for slippers and comfortably warm feet!


slippers totally rock. They also mean less mud trawled through the house. They perform that vital function of hiding holes in your socks. My boys have a whole variety of slippers. Some for home, some kept at nursery. Particularly like the ones with footballs on, I'm sure you get them in Mostar too.
David said…
We're going to need pictures of your big, fuzzy slippers. :)

(P.S. Leah's home!)

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