The best question!

We had lunch with an American friend, recently returned from the States. We were discussing the difficulties of accurately describing life in a different culture to those who never experienced the place you’re living in. Something’s are cannot easily be put into words, either they come out sounding overly dramatic, or they sound painfully obvious. And then there’s the issue of where do you start with so many different things to describe. You can try your best but you’re never going to do it justice on Skype or Facebook – or even through regular blogging or YouTube videos!

Then there are the questions people ask. We had plenty from our visitors over the holidays but none that compare to the one our friend got. ‘Do you live in huts?’ A fantastic question, and if the person responsible is reading this I hope you are not offended by being quoted! We are all aware we live in a country that is often overlooked by much of the outside world. In fact we could think of three things that might put it on peoples’ radar:

The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
The Winter Olympics in 1984 (Brits should remember Torvil and Dean!)
The conflict from 1991-1995

If you can think of any other reasons do let us know, and don’t be put off asking questions!


Anonymous said…
Hillary "dodging" sniper fire as she got off the plane? Oh wait... she lied. :)

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